Modeling an engine build

I was wondering, if i want to model a V8 for a game engine do i have to create all the internal working of a engine like pistons, conrods, cam shafts, manifolds, ect?

Unless it is shown in game, no.

Only model what the player will see as this saves both time and resources.

@GrimZA so what your saying, just model a solid engine Block with no internal workings, the game engine will simulate the rest. :+1:

What game is this?
For most ordinary vehicle games, the engine is modelled as simple as it can because only the exterior is seen.
You are not supposed to be simulating all sorts of aspects of an engine or car’s components like pistons moving and driving the mechanisms. You don’t try and simulate the gears meshing with each other anywhere in the transmission, simulate any fluid physics moving fuel to the engine, and electrical wiring should not be simulated with electricity flowing through logic gates of circuit boards in the car.
It’s simply not done games because there is no point. Instead, the car is treated as a whole. You give the car itself all the main controls to move about and drive (or maybr some finer details like fuel amount, engine temp, etc.), and no where is simulation of detailed car sub-systems.
For all games, optimisation is very important to be able to run fast and in real-time. Because of this, there is no point in modelling extra geometry that has no use in the game and will never be seen. So my answer would be that you should make just the exterior.

There are however, games that do go into much more depth with details. My Summer Car is a good example, where the internals of the engine are seen as you can assemble engines and vehicles. The physics of the engine here, however are still not simulated.