modeling an inside of a room?

I’ve never modeled a room before, but… how do I get the camera inside… to actually model and texture the inside of the room. Any tutorials or tips on creating or even starting on that? Thanks.

In perspective view, you can zoom right into a mesh and look at it’s insides. But If you’re going to be modelling a room, first I ask is this for a still render or an animation?

For a still render, only create meshes for the walls, ceiling and floor that you can see from the render. Don’t bother to make anything for behind. This way you can work on your scene without being “inside” a cube. One way to get started on this is to make a cube, and delete one edge (XKEY>EDGE).

Hope this helps and makes sense.

keep the ceiling/roof (or one of the walls) as a separate object on its own layer so you can get it out of the way for the purpose of setting up the scene

You can change bewteen perspective and Ortho mode by pressing ‘5’ on the numpad keys.

In general, it’s not very good to use a cube as room/house. It’s recommended (and easier to work with) to keep all the walls, ceiling and roof as separate objects, no matter what. This way, 1) you can easily “open” the house from any side and work inside 2) you can easily model and texture every bit separately to avoid uniformity, which is important for increased realism.

Alright sweet. Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll go ahead and get to work on my room.

keep us posted!