Modeling and animation questions

A few questions from a newbie.

Question 1

I am modeling a piece of armour for a human upper leg. It is basically a tube. I want to put a seam down one side. To do this I have 2 vertical edges close together which I then want to bevel. Here’s the question. How do I bevel selected faces only and not every face of an object?

Question 2

I think there is a hot key, but can’t figure it out. If I have a sphere of 32 rings and I want to select just one ring. Other than selecting each vertex one by one, how can I select linked vertices without selecting every vertex in an object?

Question 3

I am using an imac G5, Blender 2.40. I know how to make an animation, but can’t figure out to save it so that I can watch it again without having to re-render the animation. Am I able to save an animation so that I can use it with imovie? I have limited computer knowledge and Blender experience, so go easy with the technical jargon :wink:

Thanks for the help.

  1. Select the edges you want to bevel, then in Edit mode Mesh Menu -> Scripts -> Bevel Center

  2. Alt-RMB for edge/face loop selection.

  3. In the Animation buttons, Format panel, there’s a dropdown for selecting the output format of your animation. The Mac users out there will have to tell you how to find the file.

Thanks for your help. I will give it a go tonight.