Modeling and material techniques for photorealistic paper collage


I am a Blender beginner (done a few basic tutorials) and my first goal is to try to create a 3D scene like the image below :

I am specifically wondering what would be the most appropriate modeling technique for this “slightly bent” look for the pieces of paper and general guidelines for such a material (both background paper and colored paper)

Also, I would really like for this to be very photorealistic. Do you think Eevee could be enough for such a scene?

I suspect there are many many ways to approach this, and I am bit afraid of wasting time on some per-vertex tinkering while a much faster way, unbeknownst to me, would be better.


A fairly straightforward methodology I think will generate a near enough output you’ve in mind:

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That’s very impressive and powerful. Thanks for your help!!

I clearly see how it could help me draw the XY outline of the shapes I want to create, much much faster than placing and moving vertices manually.

Unsure if this can also be used in the Z direction (paper folds). I think that a displacement map that I would draw/generate somewhere else could maybe fit the bill.

I would use an external program, either Gimp or Inkscape to draw out the outlines…export or save as an SVG file which will import into Blender as Curves…
They can be used as any other 3d object and filled colored whatever you want to do…
Sketch out of Gimp by exporting the Path as an SVG file…Brought into Blender and converted to Mesh…and added a basic color fill…

NOTE: The import is very small as all files are based on sheet size, say an A4 sheet. Blender by default is in Meters… so a standard letter size sheet would be tiny in Blender…

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I wasn’t aware that svg to mesh was so easy and straightforward. That seems to be the easiest option indeed. Thanks for taking the time to write such a helpful reply!

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As it’s been a few years on this thread, I wanted to ask if there is a way to do this entirely in Blender? I’d like to draw (using a stylus) shapes and then curl, organize,stack them. The same way a tradition collage artist would cut paper shapes and layer them. I believe that grease pencil is unable to warp individual planes (paper shapes) in this way, but I could certainly be wrong about that. Could someone here point me in the right direction with a workflow, or any additional resources?