Modeling and Meshing: How do I create a face between two seperate meshs?


I am new to Blender and in need of help. I apologise for poor terminology.

I have been modeling a human body for a while now and I created two meshs under Scene. At first there wasn’t a problem but now I need to create faces between the first mesh and the second mesh but I can’t as I am only able to select one mesh at any given time. Is there any way I can create a face between these two meshes? Or is it possible for me to move one mesh onto the other mesh’s layer?

Kind regards

You’ll need to join the two meshes. Shift + select both, then Ctrl + J.

In Object Mode, select the 2 objects and press CTRL+J (or click on the bottom menu Object -> Join ) to make the 2 separate objects a single one.

Then you can go to edit mode and manipulate the 2 meshes at the same time.

To create a face, select 3 or 4 vertices and press F , or select 2 edges and press F

Selecting only 2 verticess and pressing F will only create an edge, selecting more than 4 vertices and pressing F will create a ngon.

To create an edge into an existing face, select 2 vertices of that faces and press J , not F