Modeling and redering problem

Good evening everyone, how are you? I really need your help for this project, I would like to make its little pellets to make this rendering

but I can’t at least I don’t even know where to start.

thank you in advance.

I’m not sure what the actual objects you are trying to make are. Regardless… you could start with cylinders. Make them vaguely the right shape. Add some loops cuts in vertically to subdivide them. Inset the end caps, delete the large central face and do Ctrl+F>Grid Fill. Then jump into Sculpt mode and use the tools there to approximate what you need (grab and the pose brush might help). Make a few variations to cover the different sizes and shapes you need. You won’t need that many, perhaps just one large, one or two very small and three or four middling ones. After that you would work on the material. Get the basic shapes done first though. A lot of the work would be done by the material. You might need subsurface scattering. You might need colour variations driven by noise textures. You could add in some bump or normal detail. After that it’s fairly easy to set up a rigid body setup and duplicate a whole bunch of them.

It is well noted thank you for your intervention you were very explicit thank you.

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