Modeling and texturing a modern computer desk for the "Stille Post" project

Hi there
“Stille Post” project is a brilliant idea my friend (and excellent Blender tutor) Stefan ( @geblendert , YouTube link : had.
It consists of a modeled 3D house (with rooms and all) that the tutors should populate with their own modeled 3D assets.For each one of those 3D modeled assets a tutorial submitted by the author/tutor (that would teach us how he made this asset) would accompany it.This would result into a great meeting point for sharing knowledge and "how to"s for the Blender artists community
I found this is a brilliant I instantly accepted Stefan’s invitation and made this first tutorial on how making a modern computer desk for adding to the rest of the objects in the “Stille Post” project’s house

Here’s the link to the first part of this tutorial (modeling part) :

and here’s the link to the second part (texturing part) :

Hopefully,many more of the same project will follow!

I want,here,to thank Stefan for his kind invitation,all the credits go to him!