modeling and texturing contest...

hey me and some of my friends started a modeling and textureing contest to improve our skills the rules where max of 2000 (yes a bit excessive but doesnt matter) and one 512* texture map

here they are




Aphylius seems to be a n00b at this.

Fudge’s seems to be the best with modeling and texturing, grimreaper’s is almost good but he needs better textures.

fudge your girl has no butt or nose?I still voted for you

Aphylius yours reminds me of Monty python stuff

Grimster …rmmm i cant tell the black obscures the mesh

they’re all cool in their own way 8)

no offence, but you all could use some practise. :wink:

i would say fudges is the best…however the modelling could be better, especially in the hands.

grims model seems like the best to me, if only he had better textures.

aphylius: you definintly need more practise…the character is pretty funny tho…ide like to see it animated, that would be hallarious. :slight_smile:

we didnt discuss this to be a texturing contest too so thats kinda why my textures suk :o but thanks for da vote :smiley: