Modeling and Texturing Plant/Tree Monster Short Film


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-PAID JOB- (Low Budget)

Hello everyone,
For a fantastic short film of 8 minutes, without a big budget, I’m looking for someone who can model and texture a plant creature. The creature will be animated on 3 or 4 shots, very simply.
The film will be offered in several festivals, as well as on several Youtube channels, the goal is to be the most watched.

With my little experience in modeling, I tried to make some tests to give a vague idea. I also have some references for inspiration. But above all I am open to any design proposal.

I imagine the complexity and the time that such work requires, that’s why, (of course if you’re interested), I’m waiting for your budget proposals.
I will be able to give you the images that I have made, as well as the few references that I have collected.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request. Looking forward to reading you.
I hope this job can interest someone knowing that the budget is not up to the time and difficulties
best regards

I still share some of my renderings but not reference images because I do not have the rights of the authors

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Sent you PM with details.
Hoping for prompt response.



I am mainly experienced with fictional characters,
I believe I can help.
Portfolio: portfolio.October2018
E-mail: [email protected]

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Hi Thibault,

My name is Jamie Dunbar and I run a 3D animation studio in Melbourne, Australia called ‘Dragonboots Studios’.

I’ve been on holidays the past few weeks and only just saw your job advertisement for your plant creature. Have you had any luck finding an artist to help you yet? If not, I’d like to offer my services.

I’ve been running my studio for the past 10 years, mostly working with the Texas Children’s Hospital. We created a suite of 40 animations for them, aimed at teaching young kids about heart diseases and the procedures the hospital will use to treat them. It’s all based around cute, friendly characters explaining the processes in kid friendly terms. You can see the suite of animations here:

Educational Animation Videos | Texas Children’s Hospital

We’ve also done a few fun kids animations in Blender, which you can see on our YouTube channel:

Creating a film ready monster isn’t an easy task and I can tell you appreciate what the usual costs would be for this sort of character. I am however, trying to update my portfolio to have more of this type of work in it, so perhaps we can reach some sort of agreement.

I should also ask, do you just need the creature modeled and animated? Or do you also need it composited into the shot?

Assuming you also need it composited, this kind of work would usually cost $5,000+. Based on your description, it sounds like this might be out of your budget?

Rather than me guessing what this is going to cost, it might be better if you explained to me what kind of budget you have to work with and the constraints you need to work within. From there I can tell you what would be possible and how long it might take me.

I’d love to work with you on this - hopefully we can find some middle ground where we can both be happy.

Also, do you have a portfolio of any other short films you’ve created? It would be nice to get a better idea whom I’m working with.

All the best with your short film.

Kind regards,

Jamie Dunbar.

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Will sent you PM