Modeling anime characters

Hello. I have been wanting to model some anime characters but, couldn’t find any reference images or anything to help me. If someone could post a link or anything that could help me any that would be amazing. Thanks in advance.

You can find some anime characters already made at For references i don’t know…

A google image search for “anime model sheets” will get you off to a descent start. You could probably use google translate to figure out how to write it in Japanese, and then get even better results.

Agree to niverik2k. If you look on anime character sheets or similar stuff you get results. Another way to get results is to google on active anime series and go to the official site. You can use google translate for japanese but it is very easy to figure out. Some anime series give you very good character sheets.

Example: Click on one of the characters and download the picture to your comp, you get all four poses. Now it is easy to use this picture in photoshop and blender.

It may not be the example which excites you the most but it just shows the technique. The drawback is that it takes some time, many character sheets are not the way you want it bc of poses not aligned to each other (but still got a few that way) and the pictures aren’t that much high definition.

I still look for other ways but they are scarce. Afcourse drawing yourself is an option too and there is a lot of material around to do just that. It doesn’t have to be very great but it is the reference that counts.

If you are interested in anime and 3D check out the google+ community 3D Anime.