Modeling arch and cupolas with softbodies

I translated a tutorial I made some months ago and updated it for Blender 2.46. Here is the introduction:

For this tutorial you need to know the basics of Blender, but no background knowledge about softbody is needed. This tutorial doesn’t aim to explain everything about softbodies in Blender. It just shows the basics of it in a different way and in a very bad english.

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about using Blender’s Softbodies to model coupolas, archs and much more. Yes indeed it is something more about fun and experiment than efficiency, but this technique has already been used long time ago (and without Blender !).

It is here:

If some parts are difficult to understand or mistaken, please let me know.


I don’t like so much to make “up”, but as I’d rather believe nobody read it than there is no mistake and nothing to improve in my tutorial …
Anybody around ?
Feel lonely those days :smiley:

Hi Viralata,

thanks for your softbody tutorials.
Right now I’m working with softbody for my personal projects:

(look at the feathers and kure images…)

Now I’m starting a hard challenge animation with softbodies and first of all I’ll go with your tutorial.

Nice Tutorial!

Hi there,
did a quick read over … could not find anything ‘really wrong’ and
I see, you had fun with my baby!
Well … she is a bit shy with all that parameters to set … but like some ladies, worth to spend an hour or two …
especially since she can be a mesh ‘envelope’ …

( just me … coder of her --> the soft body engine )
another side note: The current SVN/trunc supports multiple CPUs … aka threading … i am really curious how this performs with you … ? /* about feeling lonely and such*/

Sorry for a slow trigger with reply but this is really nice tutorial. Even though I knew how to work with softbody this can give really nice ideas about how to use it.

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