Modeling asymetrical tread patterns

Is modeling this asymmetric wheel tread pattern possible?

I only found this view for the treads. The one on the far left? I am having trouble reading the pattern.

As you can see, there is irregular gaps between the tread pattern as shown by the different circles here:

The car in question is Koenigsegg one.

My first thought would be to use a normal map to fake the detail, unless you intend to get that close you can see the actual geometry. In that case, you’re going to need the right number of segments to produce the finer detail.
TyreTest01.blend (2.5 MB)

EDIT: Not the tread you’re showing, but this gives an example of what I mean. As you can see, it’s a lot of geometry just for tyre tread. Layer 3 shows how I contructed only 1/4 of it then used an array modifier to complete it.

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Baked Normals Low Poly

Actual Geometry to create the tread pattern High Poly

As @colkai mentions the vert count could get quite crazy and this is just a quick crude example. So depending on if you are going to have the camera stuffed against a valve stem I think a high to low poly bake would suffice.

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Thanks for the help, guys. I finally took the liberty to make the treads symmetrical.

205K verts.