Modeling Audi S5 first project.

I am modeling an Audi S5 as my first project with blender not too familiar with this software and was wondering, as im using blueprints is there a way to model the car and change the views as and when i need to. What i means is a space bar press like in maya or silo. ive attached a screenshot of my progress so far


Man … you can swicht then with Crtl + Left/Right and Crtl+up to maximize , Ctrl+Down back Ok! :slight_smile:

oohh a car, im be around (like all car threads.)

you seen my car tutorials??
theres more on the side bar thing.

Thanks for the reply mate works a treat :slight_smile: . Saw your tutorial on vimeo nice result why no sound ? will post more progress later.

i had undone the mic for the first three tutorials. there was no point starting sound halfway through the tutorials.

small update :slight_smile: just have to figure out how to sort the triangle in the window and get the rear background image in the viewport. Really enjoying using blender which is very suprising to me as the interface always put me off using it happy days.



merge 1 and 2 (ctrl v)
then 3 and 4 > then select all (a) and alt j.


cheers mate but i need to keep the 2 edges by the roof. How do i get my mesh see through? what i mean is ghosted shade mode in Silo or x-ray in Maya.

its “z” to get xray, and back.
if i where you i would get rid of the 2 bits, becouse the subsurf modifier does that for you.

I have started to split my model up and was wondering if there is a way to snap two verts from seperate objects to each other ? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Is there any way to hide part of my model sorry to keep asking lame questions. But if you dont ask you don’nt get heres some more progress


h hides verticies, alt+h unhides