Modeling Ball of Yarn

I need to make a ball of yarn, and make an animation of it unrolling and such. How would I start to make it? I’m stumped on making it by animation modeling. Would I need to hand model it?


Personally I would model the ball of yarn first adding materials and textures to make it look realistic. Then I would animate that rolling and scaling it down as it rolls, then animate a piece of yarn using the same materials and textures (but a completely different object) that would “grow” at the same speed the ball of yarn is rolling at. That way it would appear that the ball of yarn is “unrolling” when its really not.

Thats the easiest way I could think of lol. But there are tons of ways to do everything with no right or wrong way:yes:. It’s all artistic interpretation. So go crazy if you want :spin:!

I saw a tutorial somewhere on making rope roll up onto a winch.

Here is a link that demonstrates modeling rope: (it could apply to yarn):

Here is the winch link:

I saw an Ikea animation recently (I think cekhunan posted it) where different pieces of furniture morphed into other furniture. They spun the furniture around and used motion blur to hide the fact that they didn’t really morph anything, just substituted one piece for the next. Since the ball of yarn would naturally spin as it unwound, you might use this technique to shrink a large ball into successively smaller balls of yarn.