Modeling Body Chain tips.

I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the correct direction to approach the triangular part of this body chain? The other chains wrapped around the body should be a breeze but I’m kind of stuck on how to achieve the triangular part without creating too much geometry. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Also, it’s for an in-game accessory, that might be rigged. Thanks.

What do you mean by too much geometry?

Like this or less?

To do something like that just subdivide triangle 5 times and apply wire frame.

If You wana less geometry don’t add wire frame and make it through texture with transparent.

Just like that is fine. I really appreciate you replying, thanks a lot!

The shape of that is perfect but what would I do about the circular ends? Or would this be detail I’d have to leave out…? Thanks for your reply, it’s gotten me a lot closer to what I’m trying to achieve.