modeling buildings for streets

what would the best way for creating street buildings be? ive been creating cubes, subdividing them a lot, and selecting the verticies i want as my windows/doors and separating them, then adding details like lights and doorknobs and stuff.

Loopcuts are the best way to model windows and doors, access it by using “k”

Also, it’s also a good idea that for the body of the building you make parts or modular units and stack them by and on top of each other positioning them so the verticies seem to overlap and then remove doubles to weld them together. If that doesn’t work then raise the slider that considers x distance being doubles.

what exactly does the “remove doubles” feature do? people tell me to do it, so i do it, but i dont see any change in the model yet it says stuff like “129 doubles removed”

it removes double vertices.

The remove doubles feature allows u to merge vertices that are a certain distance from each other(specified by you). Thus you’re able to removed extra, unneeded vertices.

Plus it cleans up the mesh with all those extras gone

This thread will allow you to read up on the Beast script and it’s capabiltiy to create city blocks as well as fur and hair:

yeah, ive used that script, its awsome, but right now im foxusing on just one street, a simple 3 building scene. i might go back and make more buildings, then use that script and place all the buildings where thay should go, and make an animation out of them.

Cool … I would just love to see Beast be able to handle street lamps … poles (with wires … sigh) … maybe even some signs and stuff … talk about fantasy :smiley: