Modeling Buildings parts, Ventilation duct and Emergency stairway exit

This tutorial is not only for beginners but also for the advance users.
In this tutorial you will not only learn creating ventilation duct and emergency stairways but also will learn how to create modular asset for games.
You can also use them for you Vfx videos.
You will learn how you can create game asset with fast next gen workflow.
You will also learn few tip and tricks for creating UV’s for covering the map data and will learn how to bake normal map, ambient occlusion map and also the alpha map for the mesh.You will also learn how you can use blender spin tool and snapping tool .You will learn how you can use 3d and 2d cursor in your workflow.

This is the second part for the previous tutorial. So if you have not watched it I will recommend you to watch that before watching this one. You can click on this link for the previous tutorial:-

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I will definitely take a look at both videos. Thanks!

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Became a patreon earlier today. Good work. Very impressive huzzain!

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thankyou :slight_smile:

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