Modeling car rim Q

Im working on the last issue of BlenderArt - RIM tutorial, and I dont know why Ctrl+E (Edge loop select) doesnt work for me, between fig 5 - 6, I dont know if am doing something else,:confused: here is the example:

Select the entire edge of the inner
tube at the top by selecting one
edge and pressing “Crtl+ E” and
selecting “Edge Loop Select” from
the menu. Now from the side view
bring it down close to the edge that
we earlier moved up near the top

It’s working “Ctrl+E (Edge loop select)” I just tried it. Try another edge.

just to have am idea - what I suppose to spect, because I select the edges inside the rim but nothing: :mad: :frowning:


these are vertex you have to turn edge select mode. its the (sorry) 4th from the right side of the button right under the 3d view.

While in edit mode you can use ctrl + tab to cycle through the selection modes - vertices, edges and faces. You can use alt + rmb to select loops of whatever mode your in or shift + alt + rmb for multiple selections. The location of the selection cursor on the mesh determines the direction of the loop selection or you can try alt + ctrl + rmb.

Isn’t it ctrl r?

No ctrl R is loop cut. Loop select is alt rmb

You can do ctrl-e -> edge loop in vertex mode if you go and select two ends of one edge first.

Alt-rmb in vertex mode even works if you click on the lines, which I love :).

Ok! so basically to do edge loops you have to select at least 2 edges for the ( edge loop select) to work, right?: :confused:

edge loop in vertex mode if you go and select two ends of one edge first.
because I had selected one edge and thats why didnt work for me :spin:
is this correct?:confused: :spin:


What the heck? I’m really not sure why that wouldn’t work.

I just did a select using that exact method on the file I happen to have open and it does work in general. Do you have any luck with it if you have a different edge selected?


so you mean I should be able to select only one edge and then when I press Ctrl+E I should get the whole circle selected, right!! :eek:
because I know if I will like to get the whole circle selected I just have to Alt+Rmb and if I want to select multiples then Shift+Alt+rmb witch is fine for me as long I get my circle selected, but just curious why didnt work the other way! :wink: