Modeling Classical Skyline (KGC110) customized


(wanoco4D) #21

This is Cycles:wink:

(wanoco4D) #22

Thank you! I didn’t use any textures for background, it is simple dark green. I placed several area lights.

(wanoco4D) #23

Thank you for your comments:)
It was my first time making tires, so I maybe failed to express right detail.
I think that your feeling is due to this Defocus-strengthened camera setting.

(abedd) #24

May I ask what render settings have you decided to go with? I put 5000 samples and still experience some fireflies. Your renders seem flawless, artistically and technically!

(Robert) #25

Wow, impressive! You’re 3d moddeling monster!!!

(Eric Fondane) #26

Would this be for sale - i would buy it :smiley:

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