Modeling closed box corner

Hi guys.

I’ve been trying to make a photo realistic packaging render (I’m working with a dieline) but I ran into some problems right off the bat. So what I’m wondering is how you would go about modeling corners on a closed box (cube) as marked on the attached picture. Or maybe you wouldn’t start off with a cube at all. Any advice or pointers are greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot


Photo-realistic package renders rarely look as if they are boxes that came off the shelf - they usually look perfect, as if freshly cut and folded. I would still use a cube primitive first, but I would use a solidify modifier for thickness and do some creative edge loops to get the flaps made correctly - I have made boxes before, and set a bone for each lid to fold with.
Another thing about that solidify modifier - you can set a material to use for the edges there that will look like the paper, instead of just using the textured material.

Yeah picture perfect is what I’m going for actually. I just phrased myself awkwardly. I’ll try the solidify modifier and see if I can make something useful.

It might be easier to do all that in the UV texture and just make a simple solid with a little curve to one end of the top. Depends on how much movement and how closely you will be looking at the object in the render.

In this example I just lifted one vert on the edge of the box a little bit with proportional sphere enabled. Even that was too much for the texture, but I could not find a good picture of this product. (I didn’t look very far at all, as you can tell from the red circle) The UV unwrap was done from view which is fine for a static shot or mockup, but it would be much better if you could get a unfolded picture so as to avoid the perspective caused distortion. Don’t look on the other side!!

This sort of treatment depends entirely on having a very good high resolution source picture.

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Thanks for the tip but this isn’t really what I’m looking for. I’d like to be able to rotate the camera around at will and view the product from all angles (plus now I’d really like to learn how to model a tri folded corner - or whatever that’s called). On the subject of cameras. I love the way you have set up the tracking in your .blend file, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how it is done (I usually use an empty and track the camera to that but this is loads better).

That’s just in the constraints panel in the properties window. I’m not even sure which one I used… If you still have the file you can look it up incidentally I believe the lights are tracked to the same object in the same way.

As for viewing the product from all angles of course this is just as easy, I just didn’t have a picture of the back side. I still think for a box you would be better off using simple geometry and a bump map and good texturing. Look at the little raised corner in the back - that’s not geometry, just texture. Don’t judge this technique by the result of a very small dark distorted texture and no bump at all.

But I hope you figure out how to model it the way you want to!

Sorry for bumping this but I’m just too big of a newb too figure this modeling issue on my own.

Everything is possible 2 b represented by geometry, it’s just that the jump from what I showed u 2 the next step is kind of large for a new user. anyway i’ll put up a file and some tips l8r 2day if someone doesn’t beat me 2 it.

Thanks. I appreciate it a lot!

Here’s one way! Please note this isn’t your model, just a shape, and the edge may be pretty stylized, I exaggerated the shapes so you could easily see. The technique is what I was trying to communicate.
Probably there are better techniques. JA12 is an awesome modeler and he might be popping in to give you better ideas.

There’s another way with a solidify modifier if you’re interested.

I must be missing something somewhere. It all looks fine until I use SS. Could I bother you to upload the .blend file for this mesh so I can take a closer look? And I would love to see a solidify solution as well!

So to solidify is very fast although a bit harder to keep geometry from going haywire. You make your cube/box, rip the verts along the top edge that are going to be moved(leave one corner attached) until you like the curve and the extent of the liitle dogeared corner.

Then give it a solidify modifier. The trick here is to use an offset of positive 1, ensuring (hopefully) no overlapping geometry. Adjust the thickness to taste.

Both methods have to have all the loops that support the SS. Every edge that you don’t want smoothed out has to have an edge loop added on either side ‘supporting’ it. This adds up quickly but is necessary for rounded edges that are still almost sharp.

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I got both ways working and both can look terrific with a bit of tinkering. This has been bothering me for weeks so you have no idea how grateful I am! But I still can’t figure out how you make the camera act like in a fps game when selected … Once you get that through my thick skull I’ll be out of your hair for a while :slight_smile: