Modeling clothes on non human based characters

Hello all , I am wondering if anyone may be able to help me out. I have downloaded a few free models from blendswap that are none human such as one of those artist wooden mannequins , a few robots and aliens etc ,now what i want to try and do is add some clothes to some of the models so i can learn to do it on none basic human form shapes ,the mannequine is made up of diffrent shapes , the robots and a few aliens are the same and none are the normal basic human shape which i can only seem to find tutorial for and none for any other , so what im looking for is a bit of help and advice on how to best go about creating and fitting clothes such as tshirts trousers etc to models that are basicly make up of a mixture of cylinders ,Spheres. any tutorials also would be a great help , ihave watched a few already on making diffrent types of clothes but they were all for human model and dont seem to work correctly for my models so i turn to here to see if anyone would be able to help me out so i can beging to learn more and prgress . Thank you in advance for any help giving

The way I’ve always created easy clothing is to go into edit mode on the character mesh and select the faces in the rough shape of what I want the clothing to look like. So for instance if you wanted to make a glove on a human, you would select the whole hand and fingers up to the wrist, then duplicate the faces and separate them to a new object (Shift+D duplicate, P to separate). Then you could add a solidify modifier to give it some depth.

Also you could duplicate the full original mesh, delete one half of it and use the mirror modifier on it so you can edit the one side instead of the whole thing at once… and delete unwanted faces/verts in the process. This works great for symmetrical rigged human meshes since I only have to do a tiny bit of weight painting afterwards to polish it.

I’m not sure if this is the proper way of doing it, but it works for me. Anyone else please chime in if there’s a better way… I don’t want to give bad advice haha.