Modeling clothing..

This is my first post here and the question I want to know is… are there any clothing tuts. for Blender out there? I have a whole lot for Silo, but have given up on that program… too many bugs, and either need a whole lot of help to work out how to use these videos in Blender or find some new ones. :o

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried modeling clothing before but I saw this tutorial the other day that might help you.
Even though its in German, you should be able to follow

Do a Google search for “blender clothing tutorial”. There are more than enough resources on Youtube and elsewhere.

The general idea is to duplicate parts of the model’s body (e.g. pelvis and legs for pants) and modify it (make it smoother, lower poly) or model it above the body part using the shrinkwrap modifier as a helper, or a combination of both techniques.