Modeling clutter, cloth baking

I’m modeling a dorm room, and as anyone should know, a dorm room has clutter. I’m trying to model some clothes, towels, dirty socks, etc. all in a heap on the floor.

I can model a bunch of objects, set them up as cloth, and let them fall into a heap on the floor. I can bake all this and it looks good in the end, however, I want to take the final heap of clutter and make it one single solid object. Is there a way to copy a baked cloth from one frame and keep it that way? ( I want to polyreduce it later)

The only other solution I can think of is to take a picture of the clutter on my floor and model it from that.

apply the cloth modifier

… on the desired frame of course.

And also you can then ctl j to join them as one object in the end if you want.

Duh, I knew that.