Modeling Co-present Eyes

I’m trying to model an eye which has multiple lenses, or something like that. Well the model will be simple for the time being, just a pupil and iris. So I rez a sphere add some rings then subdivide surface it. Then I color the circular plane whose center is the z axis as black, followed by coloring the face loop touching the pupil. Then I select the faces of the newly colored pupil and iris and z axis grab them lets say .01 units (upward). Then i just duplicated a couple of eyeballs and right click so the eyeballs are located in the same space.

The problem comes when i try to rotate one of the eyeballs. The colors get distorted :(. How can I have it so the colors remain? This might not make sense, I’ll clarify if need be.

See what I mean?

Basically a couple spheres are occupying the same space, and the spheres have colored spots. I want to animate the spheres rotating in different ways whille occupying the same space. When I do the rotation then the colors spots of the sphere get distorted.

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