Modeling complex compound shapes?

I’m trying to build a low poly version of the RDM/TNS Galactica and I tried constructing outlines of it using Orthos and bezier curves, but I’m unable to figure out how to interpolate the mesh when joining it. I tried nurbs curves, but it seems very difficult to use them for something with hard edges, and to control them without lots of subdivides.

Any suggestions on how to model complex surfaces like this?

with a mesh.

if you want to model with anything else, like splines, nurbs, bezier patches, etc, you’ll pretty much have to find other program (most likely expensive)

and besides, if you want low-poly, (like for a game) you need polygons. which are parts of meshes.

Yes, and while bezier curves and nurbs and such are usually calculated mathematically rather than by defining given vertices (which they also do, but only in order to automatically calculate the interposing vertices, yada yada…), in order to get them out of blender and prepped for uv mapping, or y’know, actual export to an external file and imported to a game engine, they have to be turned into a mesh anyways. And yes, I’m well aware that Rhino can do things with Nurbs and Lightwave can do things with Splines/Beziers that make Blender cry like a baby.

It’s ALL polygons. A polygon is a closed plane figure bounded by three or more straight sides, thank you I’m well aware of the complexities of exporting a model out of Blender to a useable format, so if you don’t have anything helpful to say, spare me the half-witted attempt at condescension.

To all others yet to respond, I am using 2.53 btw. I thought nurbs tools were going to be re-written. Has that not been implemented yet? And is getting nurbs to work like I need it to simply a matter of fiddling with the different settings for nurbs surfaces?

Edit: Looks like that was the case. Just had to learn how to use nurbs. Changing orientation/direction is still an issue, or at least not easy, but I was able to create a rough version of the pods in a few minutes.