Modeling computer hardware

Hey guys I have a project in my computer graphics class which requires me to model realistic computer hardware, graphic cards, motherboards, case work, ect. I am however fairly new to modelling and am unsure where to start, can anyone link me some good tutorials which can directly help me with my project and my modelling skills? Thanks

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Regardless of modeling skill, you are going to need to use reference in order to obtain any sort of idea for realism in your work. Google images of what you need and maybe even take a peak inside your own computer. This part is probably obvious but I can’t stretch enough how good reference can set you on the right path.

The box-modeling method would be great for this task coupled in with the subdivision surface modifier. A classic combo right there. As for a video, I can’t think of anything in particular. Modeling sort of just gets picked up from practice. Regardless, check out the and if you haven’t already. Try out any of the modeling tutorials that look to be of use. Following along and getting your hands dirty is the best way to get a feel of things. From there it’s just a matter of loading up some reference images and figuring out the best way to model it. Of course, for more realism you’ll need to utilize material shaders, textures, and whatnot. As far as the modeling goes, take my advice and be sure to experiment. Good luck with your class!

One last thing, modeling is problem solving mixed in with some artistic expression. There is no ‘right’ answer when you model and that can be daunting. Here’s a video to help get you started:

just model what u see, like drawing.