Modeling Continents Question

Hello Everyone, I need help figuring out the best way to model the continents (extruded) around a half sphere. I created an SVG file with out of the continents, imported the file into Blender and converted the continents into mesh. The problem is that when I attempt to curve the continents around the half sphere and extrude, I get a lot of unwanted distortion. I also tried to subdivide the continents and I still do not get a smooth rounded surface on the continents. Can someone please advise me how to best model these continents around a half globe please! Thank you in advance for your help and advice. Kind regards, Wilmero

Can you post a screenshot?

@Wilmero: try using the shrinkwrap modifier to fit the continents to the sphere. I suggest you make the continents separate objects. For really big ones (e.g. Asia on this planet) you may have to “prebend” the continent object with a lattice modifier. Also you should probably add thickness to each continent after all this is done (easy with solidify modifier :).