Modeling Curved Planks

Hello all, was wondering if anyone could help me out.

I’m modeling an asset, specifically a boat/row-boat and it has that clinker-planked wood. I’d like to have the boards modeled so I can do some detail sculpting later on and bake details, but I’ve having issues coming about ways to get all to fit right.

I’ve tried creating a shape and trying to “shrink-wrap” planks, but that has failed, as the modifier simply distorts the planks. And I’ve recently tried modeling it with curves, but then it came to the clinker-planked part, it got real messy.

Anyone know of a good way of going about that kind of shape?

Here’s an example of how the wood overlaps - click me.

Here’s my attempt using a lattice.

I first created a single board, 1 meter long. Then I arrayed it in two dimensions, 10 boards high, 10 meters long.

Then I wrapped it in a lattice, added some control points, and deformed the lattice into the boat shape.

From there, you could apply all the modifiers, and tweak by hand to finish it.

Here’s the blend attached.



boat.blend (482 KB)

Thank you for the quick reply - I appreciate it.

Never even thought of using a lattice. A lot of times I know the tools are there, but I don’t think about applying them for whatever I’m trying to accomplish.

Awesome man. Thanks for the demo. Hopes this helps other people other than just me.