Modeling cushions

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to model the armchair in the image below. I already tried to use a bunch of techniques to correctly model the cushions, such as cloth simulation, sculpting, cloth filter, etc. However, I can’t achieve a decent result. Can anyone point me watch would be the best technique to achieve a good result? Searching online I found a 3DsMax model, that gives me a good idea of what would be a satisfying result.

The first image is the real life armchair. The second one is the 3D model I talked about and the third is what I have so far.

PS: So far, the best result I got was using cloth simulation with pressure and collision turned on. However, whenever I use this technique, I am not able to simulate the effect of the buttons stretching the fabric. I tried to use Pin Group, but it made but it made the object hang in the air.

Please, any tip or indication of a tutorial would be welcome.


Welcome :tada: ,
there was something about this lately but don’t remember / find it now… something about cloth brush / cloth filter see here ??

Thank you Okidoki! The cloth filter is an awesome technique, but it is too hard to control in cases like this where I have such a soft cushion. I tried it a lot!

Anyway, I really appreciate the tip and the welcoming!