Modeling detailed characters for video games.

I want to take my new modeling skills and practice design by creating an RPG video game. A problem I am having in the design, is should my character models have detail of genitals. They will all have clothing and never nude. Should I take the models and sculpt underwear over them. Removing any genital detail? I am worried about legal problems.

Most game models don’t include such details because they are never seen (and probably also because of appropriateness).
Usually, one goal is to use the least amount of geometry and it is usually done by removing all the excess parts that are not going to be seen. In many characters, there aren’t proper details under any parts of the clothes. This would be different, however if there are customisable clothes or something where some parts of the body can be seen, but it may end up being better off to have the entire mesh being connected with the clothes - this avoids issues with skin clipping through things.

Removing the unseen parts is my goal for now. I know about the problem with animation and having the full body under the cloths. It don’t work well. Deletion looks like the best solution. Because the AAA studios delete or model the body with underwear, I will do the same.

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