modeling details on character clothing help

Hi, I am new to BlenderArtists so please bear with me I have a few questions for something thats been bugging me for a really long time. How do you get objects like studs and zippers to stay on character clothing? and how do you get it to stay in the same place on the clothing? I am modeling them as separate objects.

here’s an example:

also: I have modeled some pumps with the studs as a separate objects, how do I get them to follow the shoe on the model?

Thank you!

Sorry the images don’t show up, I’ll try uploading them here:



Normally one use Duplication / Faces to put repeating object on a face.

I was not sure whether this function would work with cloth physics. So I ran a test and found that when cloth hits the collider, the spike fly off! So you can use DupliFace so long as jacket and shoe don’t bend.

It’s odd, i just tried with a cone parented to a subdivided plane on which i dupli face

then add a cloth physic to the plane and a collision physic to the cube, move 18 frames and the cones stay on the faces as they should.

Have you done some rescaling in object mode without applying it in CTRL+A ? maybe it could explain why your duplifaces behave that oddly ?

Ya, I looked it over. Spikes do stay with the cloth. DupliFace function is sensitive to spike object center location when you set them up. I had my spike center at the 3D center. When I moved the center up to the plane, spikes works fine.

Great it was only that, i thought that you ran into some bug.

Oh, I haven’t tried dupliface! I should check that out thank you so much! before I was modeling them individually because i wanted to show variety between the studs and spikes it there a way to achieve both? your guy’s results are amazing!

The studs on that pump render were modeled individually and i want to be able to attatch them to the shoe without joining the meshes. when I parent them and try to put them on my model they act strange and so does the shoe. I know that heel shouldn’t bend when walking in them so i’m going to have to duplicate the character’s legs with the shoes modeled on, and treat them like a changeable option and hide the original legs. unless there is a better way to do this?

thank you!