Modeling Diamonds

I’m trying to understand how the diamonds cut is and the anatomy (round and square), and I don’t now what tool use - uvsphera or icosphera, this is the example I have.

I personally would start in a top view and add an circle with 8 sides, then extrude downwards from there.

yep that works really well. Just made the diamond so no probs with that method. But you should save your reference in another format like png cuzz blender messes it up due to the transparant background.
cheers and good luck

Thanx for the helps :D- I started doing the top part, no problem, any idea how to get the botton part because all the shapes they all differents.

This is how I made it.
All simple extruding, scaling and ones rip.

Realy Nice! thanx - but so you can see what I got, I was doing the top part :cool:

Or check out

For gems thats the perfect tool (shareware though :frowning: )

Usually I would see using triangles for the part of the mesh that would be the ring around the diamond (the part with all the little facets). I’ve tried modeling a normal circular diamond before, usually I would use all quads and then bend the quads and convert them to triangles.

PG1 was looking at your blend and it looks like you have too many verts and edges. The verts (marked in red) should be removed and just make that and fill it in as a triangle and not a quad. Also the edges (marked in blue) should also be removed and then that face filled in as a quad and not 2 triangles. This is easiest enough to do if you just simply keep extruding, you get really good results.

My diamond to the right has 57 faces (which according to your link is what it should be), so just follow that image on that site.


I was tracing the image and thats why it came up like that but thanks for the tip - next time I know that, now to get the side cut what I should do. Did you do anything with the file? and also that program the only thing I dont like is not free and dont what to put in the spaces

I just used circles rotated, scaled, and positioned by specific amounts, then I filled in faces between them.


What renderer did you use?

whoa thats awesome…would you mind sharing the blend…:slight_smile:

Rendered in Indigo 0.6 diamond.blend

Hey thanks Lord of the rings junky for the info, I will try that.:cool:

anybody knows how can I get that gem software key I will like to try it:

According to your link my diamond doesn’t have enough facets. Looks like I’ll have to re-model a bit…