Modeling electrical arcing

Hello blenderartists people. :slight_smile:
I am new on the forum, but i am not so new at using blender. I have used it about 7 months, so i know the basics about it.

Okay, i have modeled 2 motorchycles sparking plugs like this one:

The scene will be the logo of some motocrossing team and i wanna make some sparking between of these two plugs.
But I dont wanna make it look like randomly electrics arc because the arc will make the symbol of the team in my vision of the scene.

So, if someone did understand what i am going to do, can you help me to understand how can i do it?

Of course I can do that with photoshop, but i wanna make it look realistic in the reflections and it means lots of unnecessary work with photoshop if its possible do with blender.

Thank you!

Sry about my english. :confused:

Try these:-

Thank you for the links. The blend files looks nice, but i cant use them on this scene because I cant edit the way of the arc.
I just wanna make the arc following the path exactly the way i want to.

Here is little drawing i made for this thread about the scene. The drawing is not so nice but you can see what kind of things i wanna do with the electricity.

The “symbol” that the arc made center of the blugs can be what ever you can imagine. Heart, cross, wheel, smiley… This makes it hard to model.


Okay, i have figured out that maybe the best thing for doing that kind of things is using array and curve modifiers for the little piece of the “electric arcing” mesh. Am i correct?

yes, array and curve modifier is the way to go, i guess…