Modeling Eyes on a Spherical Head

I need help figuring out how to model eyes on whats more or less a completely spherical head. Because the head is a sphere, basically, the eye sockets are also rounded.

So far I’ve tried using a lattice modifier and shaping the eye around the socket and creating an eye texture to paint on the head. Both methods have similar problems in that whenever I try to move the eye to test it, the pupil stretches. I’m trying to make anime eyes so it has to be bigger than normal.

Too little info. Sphere head ! What type of shpere mesh !. Lattice modifier to achieve what ? etc etc. Please don’t rely on anyone who may be willing to help you have to use pure guesswork

Please make some effort when starting threads. At a minimum supply clear annotated screenshots that clearly show EXACTLy what you have, what problems you are encountering and what you are trying to achieve. Also always supply a demo .blend file for review.

Actually I figured something out over night. I decided to go with circular pupils instead of oval shape. If there is still stretching it’s really subtle now.

Ignore the left eye. I only modeled the right and used a mirror mod as a placeholder for the left until I got the results I wanted.