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I figured since there are some questions that come up all the time that some kind of sticky FAQ-thread would be a good idea (one for each support forum?)

Please have a look at the FAQ section in the wiki:

Feel free to answer open questions in the wiki or add new ones (and mods: of course feel free to edit this posting)


Removed questions\answers to reduce redundancy with Wiki. See above post. :slight_smile:

How do I separate objects? Why is everything one object/share the same material?
In Edit mode (F9) select the vertices you want to make into a unique object, press the P-key and choose Selected. You probably tried to add new objects while in Edit mode. If you want objects to be unique, make sure to add them in Object mode.

How do I join objects together?
In Object mode, make a multiple selection with Shift-RMB, then Ctrl-J.

How do I add a single vertex object?
You can’t. Add a plane and delete three vertices, instead. To add a single vertex object at the cursor location, add a cube, Alt-Mkey>>To center will merge all the cube vertices into a single vertex in the center of the cube, which is the cursor location.

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moved to wiki

How can I model a circle in a square (cut out)

See this thread

Just bumping this thread. Some questions that have been answered here popped up again :wink:


Hey people would it be okay to put these questions\answers to Blenderwiki?

I’ve put every question from this thread so far into the wikiand converted them to use wiki-syntax.

But i suggest 2 things:

  • First remove the posted Q&As from this htread to remove redundancy.
  • Make this post sticky.
    On a related note: Can a bigger font-size (for the initial post) be done in this forum? Or is this functionality disabled?


Nice work Hoehrer.

I think the best would be to have an announcement to point at the wiki FAQ.

One pet-peeve i have with the wiki-faq is that currently there are a lot of randomly linked ‘wanted’ questions in the “FAQ” page but no answers for them.

IMHO it would be a great thing if we could ask people to answer these questions (maybe aven on blendernation?) so the FAQ page in the wiki gets some content :wink:

The second one is that I currently added 'everything to the “General Editing” page of the FAQ … especially since two of the modelling categories (General Editing <-> Mesh Editing) are overlapping … that might need some cleanup :wink:

EDIT: And the third one is that we link every single Question in the ‘FAQ’ page … this is very hard to maintain currently. I’ve used Copy&Paste from the TOC-text on the items I’ve added to the General Editing section to save me some work because of this. :-/


hey, if you want to use any of the FAQ from the Noob to Pro wikibook, feel free,:

I think i have to bump this again :wink: