Modeling Fluid Vectors

I have a list of vectors, almost 8000.
They are in a tab delimited text file with x,y,z, velocity magnitude, velocity direction.

I need to show these in a 3d model for visualization purposes but I’m having some trouble. Most of the programs I have researched are for simulation and not used to show the data that I have.

Can someone recommend a process that will allow me to take these points and create a 3d model?

Thank you for all your help.

This data that I have is showing the currents of an aeration basin. Anything that would help visualize the direction and magnitude of the water flow would be very helpful. I have looked at some samples showing streamlines of the water using a software called paraview and then importing it into blender. Most samples are showing airflow but that would be perfect if I could use the data that I have. The only problem I have is importing the file I have, with little programming experience.

you could share a sample of your data here
does it need to be animated?

how do you show the fluid vectors in 3D space?

if this represent speed at each space location do you use color to represent this ?

or simply add a vector plane object with proper 3D angles at each location in space?

do you have an image showing how it can be represented or what you would like?

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It also depends how your vector are represented inside your file
is it like simple X Y Z values between zero and one point in space or as rotation angles ?

if with rotation angles then

1 -
how are your angle represented inside your data file
in degrees or radians

2 - System of angles in 3D

in Blender we can use different representation for rotation

1 - Euler angles
2 - Quaternion
3 - Axis angle
4 - Matrix

so you should also know how the angle are shown in your file
so it can be shown in blender !

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