Modeling for 3d Printing ?

Does anyone here do this “professionally?” I mean, producing models on contract for 3d printing. Is there a market for this out there?

I can’t speak for anyone, but I know there are companies out there that do commercial contract 3-D printing.


People are making and selling items here. Cost and design information can be found there too:

And, here is the story on Shapeway:

I do, usually and mostly for museums (purposes for the blind people). They can touch those 3d printed museum objects.

That sounds like an awesome career TynkaTopi

Last model was Paavo Nurmi’s golden shoe.
He, the Flying Finn, won 9 gold medals in olympic games.

Nice work.

As for limitation of size with 3D printing, do you scale down large sculptures? Material of choice?

Usually scale down, this shoe was exception, it will printed in real size (31.5cm length), plastic and painted golden. We have tested ceramics and Abs plastic. Ceramic is round edges, like subsurf, not good for accurate models with hard edges.
All weak materials are out of the game (sandstone, ceramic etc).