Modeling from a single 3/4 drawing - second attempt at Odilon Redon's "Cactus Man"

I posted a fledgling attempt at modeling this fellow a while ago - but the results were mediocre at best. After a few more attempts at drawing a side and front view on my own, I decided to see what I could do if I simply worked directly from the original. So I cut the head out in Gimp, rotated it to an upright position, and then loaded the reference image into the camera view in Blender. Using one large sphere to track the central plane and another pair of spheres to mark the eyes, I then rotated the camera about the origin until I got a decent match for the reference drawing. The rest was the usual poly by poly modeling…

Still some tweaking to be done with the mesh and exact pose (I now see his head should be tilted a little further forward…) but fairly close over all. Once I texture, add “hair”, and rig for facial expressions, I’m hoping to match Redon as closely as one can.

This looks like a good start. Keep it up!