Modeling from photo reference

Hello, I’m coming to the end of modelling the outside of the Corvette for Chris Plush’s (cgmasters) course.

I’d like to do a full interior instead of a basic one, and have already had a shot at camera matching but it’s a pain in the butt. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start in terms of trying to get the size/position of objects correct? I think I have a fairly good eye for how large/small things are relative to each other. It’s just getting started which is the problem!

one way would be,find a highres blueprint from the car as cabriolet version.especially from the top view.this way you can positioning the seats easy.and you can see the console better,because its not hidden by the roof.use this blueprints as backround image,and fit the dimensions from your car to the image first ofcourse (scale and positioning the image).

and for modeling techniqe.make use of custom coordiates.very helpfull for angled console displays ect.

and make the interior into a seperate layer,this helps to quick hide the other layer ie the roof, that could be in the view while modeling.

Quite honestly, I suggest using a tape measure. No, I’m serious.

Go somewhere where there is a real car, and put your camera (preferred) or phone on a tripod, look through the viewfinder and frame up the scene that you want. Now, with that tape measure, start taking measurements and write them down. Also, hold that tape measure up to the car at various points in-frame as a photographic reference when you review the pictures. A two-foot square piece of board with a one-foot checkerboard pattern, or a wooden dowel with white/black markings every foot, are also good reference props.

(A “surveyor’s tape” that uses different colors every foot or every three feet on the tape is very useful.)

Now, adopting the notion that “1 blender-unit == 1 meter/foot” (or using the features recently added to Blender to that effect), lay out your set to scale, and put detail-modeled or scale stand-in objects on the set in their correct positions and size. (For exterior scenes, “forced perspective” can also be used.)

If you try to do this from a picture, you’ll find it’s very difficult, because the lens that was used to take the picture changes the scale of things within the picture. So, go to the real world and measure it.

A nifty thing about most car parts is you can find them for sale with photos and with documentation from several sites, documentation that quite often has measurements with it. For anything automotive there is always going to be enthusiasts forums and those can have a treasure trove of information in them.