Modeling full in blender.

HI all, I back again, and a find a little time to work in my personal study on last week, modeling work is based in Taron tutorial dvd " Secrets of organic modeling".

Last shot from old post

Last update

Other side vies

Wire frame

Thats all.

Ps. I need to find more time to work in blender :confused:

Well the topology is pretty good, and clean.

Very good low-poly mesh!
You should work now on refining the edge flow and minimizing the pole structures by adding more detail where needed.

-Very nice model I look forward to more updates…-

Awesome, please keep posting!
BTW, got a link to that tutorial? I would really find it useful!

/ Mats

Hi, again :smiley: A little update ( damm I need more time to work :eek:), and a test with SSS tutorial from Blender Magazine.

Kataro, that’s very convincing! Would you be willing to do a write up of the technique from the tutorial? I’m very interested as my attempts at SSS haven’t yielded quite what I’m looking for yet.

Looks nice, you might want to put up a Nudity warning though…

A really nice model but muscles don’t sit correctly with the arms extended, shoulder/upper arm looks dislocated which throws off the curve that follows through to the breast.

Hi all week end update, not final model, shoulder need rework and adjust some proportions. Foots not yet complete. C&C are welcome :slight_smile:

used XWD linux comand ( X window dump)
I have a question… What Head/body proportion ?

Hi, all its a little update, I am working on detail legs, and hands. For hand I use a cool tutorial made by Antropus ( in maya but can be made in blender too :).

I’m aware this is resurrecting an old thread; I traced back from your new sphere modeling thread.

Very nice modeling! At first I thought the proportion issue was that the head might be too big, but looking closer I think it’s that the arms are too small. Also, I think the knees should probably be moved up a bit, shortening the thigh by about 1/3 or so.

Unorthodox topology aside, this is some of the best character modeling I’ve seen done in Blender!

4 heads = body