Modeling furniture. Profiles.

Hi, I’m modeling furniture, and have some problems with profiles.
Do you know the way to make this profile correct along all the path? maybe some tutorial links.


profile.blend (716 KB)

you will want to extend your pieces so they are intersecting, then use the knife tool to make a cut ( or two ) and delete the outer vertexes, then remove doubles.
( if you don’t understand what I am saying I can make a diagram. )

I understood )) thank you.

Oh, I see you are using a curve. Sorry for not noticing that. I guess you can convert it to a mesh though, hopefully.

It looks like you are using way to many curve points (handles?).

Convert to mesh -> use boolean -> and then manually clean the mesh? Am I right?

No, curve is optimised. This is behavior of the mesh at sharp corners (angles)

Found some great stuff here: