modeling grass

hi guys,

I`m tring to make grass like this:

On preview there are 3 layers:
first: ground
secong: dark grass
third: light grass

I`m creating a scene from a bird’s eye view.

But this is simple flat texture.

It is possible to use values from black and white image and then make an selection in vertex group??
So then I can make grass in particle system.

In early stage I have trying to make particle system, but with a poor result -> 44_trawa_big_test.jpg



You can use textures for the particles themselves. For instance :

  • one texture to define where the particles are emitted from (you need to add the texture from the particle tab then switch to the textures tab to edit it)
  • then one texture in your shader to define color variation, the way to do this depends on whether you are using Cycles or BI.
    Hope that helps.


Kévin I will try yours suggestion.

In the meantime…

Dark scene, but it has to be in the assumption. I will add lights in house windows and street lights later.

Take a look on bottom side of an image. I have made particles based on weight paint, but it looks like noise.
Hard nut to crack.


Kévin, density works fine, but I can’t take color.
Still trying.

Thanks Kévin, now I have some progress :slight_smile:

take a look: