Modeling Hands

Hello everyone!

I have started to model my first character for my game, Desert Combat. I feel that it has gone smoothly so far, but I have never modeled a character before, and have gotten very stuck on the hands. I know that I could look up a tutorial for this, and probably will, but I would also like to hear any advice that could be given. Thank you very much in advance.

I saw an interesting vid yesterday about this, search youtube for juggernaut blender and you should find it.
Basically the guy used a new layer and started with a cylinder for a finger, shaped that, then duplicated the other 3 fingers and sized appropriately. He then copied again for the thumb and tweaked that.
Once all the fingers and thumb were right he started joining points from there and extruded from there.

Hope that helps.

You’re welcome :wink:

I was just looking through the tutorials on blender cookie and found this…

Should be exactly what you’re looking for.

Thanks so much, thats exactly what I was looking for.