Modeling Hands

Hello everyone, I’m sorry if I’m re-posting but I’m finding it very hard to find information about this.

I am modelling a person, and when I got to the hands I found it hard. I don’t really want to use n-gons and I dont see how the face at the end can be used to make five fingers.

SHould I justmake more edges down the arm?

Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance!

make one finger, duplicate it so you have four, add a thumb, then connect at the ‘webbing’ and work back toward the wrist, reducing polys as you go. getting it down to four might be a challenge, so you might want to consider applying the subsurf modifier at some point.

I found a youtube tutorial a few years ago (can’t find it again) and it showed me this way to make cartoon hands.

  1. flatten a cube. This is your palm.
  2. crtl+r to make 2 or 3 loops depending if you want a 3 or 4 finger hand.
  3. extrude the face of each finger.
  4. make 2 loop cuts on the palm again and make the thumb.
  5. add a subsurf.

“Poof”, you have a hand. Now add additional loops to adjust the shape and for animation. An added benefit is that with the three finger hand the vertex at the end of the palm match the number of vertex on the arm so merging the two works great.

The difficulty is indeed that your arms are cubes so for the 5 fingers hand you will still need to get it ending with only 4 vertices to connect with the arm

A quick simple version for a 5 finger hand connecting with a 4 vertices cubed arm :

You add your fingers, simple rescaled cube with a deleted face at the extremity that will be in the hand

Create faces between the fingers


We keep this so you can make those bony bumps at the finger birth, so we extrude again

Then, it’s time to lower the vertices count in order to connect (that is currently at 16 but we need to get it to 4), move vertices like this

And make faces there, the vertice count for the connection is now 8 , still not 4

So let’s continue to eat more vertices, so now move the vertices like this

And create faces, good we have reached the required 4 vertices for the connection

Time to make the thumb, select that face and delete it

In edge selection mode, select the boundaries of the hole for our floating thumb mesh and the one we just created

Press CTRL+E -> Bridge Two Edge Loops

It’s a bit messy, so add a loop cut (CTRL+R)

And now move vertices around to improve visually the thumb zone until you find it good enough

Extrude the hand a bit and connect it to the arm

Add 2 loop cuts for each fingers too

Add your subsurf and in the subsurf enable the button that enable you to work with the subsurfed cage applied to the mesh so you build the hand form much better

Making such a very low poly hand with keeping all quads and forcing 4 vertices for the connection is not very practical as having a few more loops to work with would make building the hand shape much easier.
Or maybe if you can live with some triangles, it would help building the shape better too without compromising the 4 vertices connection.

thanks you so much guys!!
Sanctuary was really helpful.

I will work on my human and give it hands! thanks a bunch for putting in so much effort to help me!

Saw this yesterday

Check out 3:22 where he starts modeling the hand.