Modeling Help!: Aesthetic Recessed strip

I’ve recently taking up modeling in Blender for a project in my high school Industrial Design class. I have been getting along quite fine on my own watching tutorials and practicing in my spare time, and would like to say that i know the software pretty well ( i’ve got most shortcuts down and can navigate blender’s interface) but i am far from being a expert or even an intermediate user!

That being said i have been working on this table for a few days now and have decided to make it a little more asthetically pleasing. I would like to make the recessed strip on the front side of the table be continuous along the face of the table and colored to add some depth to the overall design. Sort of like the colored strip in this picture:

The Top image shows what i want to do with the strip along the face of the table, and the bottom image shows what i currently have.


Select the faces along the edge and use the Inset tool (shortcut I)
Before doing so ensure you have applies any scale to your object (Ctrl+A / Scale) and having a clean mesh will cause less potential problems now and later

You can then select the inner faces and extrude them (shortcut E) inwards to give the recess