Modeling Help with Edge Issue ( Image Attached )

Hello again :slight_smile:

In my new model I’m having issues getting rid of two edges. I’m not even really sure where the edges came from :confused: I cannot select them in edge mode and when I try to in vertex mode it selects way more than the edge. Can you help me?

nothing is locked in the object viewer is it? you dont have anything linked/appended into the scene do you? Either of those is all i can think about for unselectable items. . .

Nothing Linked or Appended and how can I see if something is locked?

Attach or link to your blend file

Try selecting them in polygon mode. Weird, I know, but worked for me a few times before.

sorry but what is this polygon mode?


I guess he means “Face mode”…

Before that, you can try first to go into opaque mode. First, you must go out of wireframe mode (ZKEY) and then you’ll see the icon.

In general, it makes things easier to select.

Any way, try the Face mode. If you can still see the edges, it means they are degenerated faces i.e. with only 1 dimension. If not, that’s better because you can easily select all the faces around, hide them with HKEY and when you go back to Edge mode, you will see your edges floating in space.

If you can still see your edges in Face mode, you’ll have to select and hide the faces around them one by one until you see clearer. IMHO, your edges are attached to vertices farther away than you think they are.

(Just for the reminder: ALT HKEY to un-hide.) :smiley: