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So, I’m making a hat for Roblox, and I’m fairly new to Blender modeling and sculpting. Could anyone help me create the hat in the photo? Thank you!

I only came this far, which in my opinion, is nowhere close to what the real hat looks like:

It don’t look like your off to a bad start. This “Tutorial” (which i suggest playing in ‘Playback Speed’ of .5) might help you manipulate your mesh easier. Its of a sink, but some of the concepts might help out a little. Also, if you haven’t, pulling in your reference image into a second viewer like into here, might make things alittle easier also. Good luck,


You can use curves and spin modifier like here too:

The top of his hat is completely flat, and when I try to make that flat surface, the subsurf modifier I added earlier makes it impossible, and trying to use the flatten tool in Sculpting mode doesn’t help either. Got any ideas?

Hope this helps! Watch the funky geometry on the hat. Added a subdivision modifier. I got lazy and didn’t have time to colour the pompoms properly and didn’t know what was really happening on the top front area. Hopefully, you can dissect and make it work. Cheers.

Oh, I was using the Octane Blender Free tier for render. Hat_Model.blend (1.9 MB)

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Does the model only render on Octane specifically? Cause, I’m using Eevee to render and it just shows a black image. Even in Workbench it just shows this.

Just change the materials to Blender’s default and use Eevee

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Thanks, and how did you distort the circles on the front of the hat? Sorry, I’m totally stumped on how to do all this.

Those were basically uv spheres, flattened and then remeshed (sculpt mode) and used one of the pull brushes to manipulate the bend on top and bottom and moved the middle inwards. A little bit of tweaking. Good luck.

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I feel like I’m asking too much here, but could anyone possibly attempt and create the hat? graeme_h already did, and despite it being a roughdraft, it looks fantastic. But with my skills, I can’t make their model any better, so could anyone else try make the man’s hat?