Modeling help

Hello everybody.

Im begginer and i try to do character i am now work on the cloth but im stuck i don’t know how to do it from the side view.Please can someone tell me or show on the image, how to extrude and do it right?

Here is the images.


Thank you.

Maybe it helps if you place a torus in the right position on the scarf to have a 3d reference and geometry to extrude from/to.

Hi, the simplest way is to start with a cube then add edge loops where the narrow parts are then add subdivision modifier.

Yeah i think about that too, but what about the others parts like the collar and other ?


You can start with a torus (with low polys) and make sure you have an edge in the middle, then shrink it in a little and place a subdivisions modifier to smooth it out and modify it accordingly. Just one of many ways. :slight_smile: