Modeling help

Okay, I just want to know what the general approach for modeling a coin would be. Would you make a thin cylinder and just use texture/bump/alpha maps to do the rest, or would you actually model the details into the coin?

I’m a very basic beginner and trying to look for somewhere to start, just wondering how I should go about this… also, I have no experience in texturing or bump/alpha mapping, so, I’d have to go learn all of it. Anyway, thank you!

The entire thing could be bump mapped. However the ridged edges would look flat at certain angles, so you might want to model the edges and map the faces.

agreed, mapping the faces is a much better way, save your self a LOT of effort for very similar results.
the sides though, for those coins that have ridged edging, it depends. as richard said, they have a greater chance of being in the outline profile of the coin, which will make the normal mapping apparent and not look as good. but then just giveing the outer edge a general curve and mapping that as well could work very well as long as you aren’t viewing it very close.
the main question is getting a good normal map of the face on the coin. you may need to model/sculpt that to begin with… perhaps I’ll make a free map of that myself… when I get the time…

Okay, so anyway, started modeling it, and ran into this problem, how do you fix it (the very center of the coin) And there aren’t any triangles in this all quads.


Go into face select mode, select two adjoining triangles and use Alt-J to convert triangles to quads.

Well, I already said there weren’t any triangles :confused: but here.


My apologies, I misunderstood. You could try it like this:


Wow, thanks definitely fixed the problem, would have never thought to use a pattern like that.

I think I’m going to make a penny (first, maybe the rest later) just for simplicity, especially since it doesn’t have ridges around the edge.

Alright, can anyone link me to video tutorials over making bump maps textures and whatever else may be extremely important.

Making a good bump map for a penny could be a bit on the difficult side. You might try googling for one. There are two kinds, grayscale ones, and RGB ( red blue green ) ones. The RGB ones are superior, generally. Another option would be to make a high poly version of your penny, using the sculpt tools, and bake the normals to the original. That’s a whole other process though, so google first.
(edit) also, you may want to check out a program called ‘crazybump’ that generates both grayscale and rgb maps from images. ( i think )

There is a way to go about making all the maps in one shot usingthis software. The map includes Displacement (bump), Normal, AO, Specular. Since the maps are generated from one photo image, it must be good one however. You cant expect it to work from bad image. I found this One Penny image on the net that works pretty good. Image need to be flat with good relief definition.


You could also try to free Adobe Air application “Smart Normal”.

Well, I kind of wanted to learn how to make everything myself rather than having a program do it for me.

Well, go for it! There are lots of maps and many moons to study! But its nice to have backup you know.