modeling help

hi I am trying to make a photo realistic strawberry however, I don’t know how to make the indentations ? Also I used particles to make the dots yet it does not look right they are all over instead of in a row . Any ideas ? tutorial ?

In the particle system settings, there is particles/face setting almost at the top. That way the particles get distributed evenly, but if you decrease the particle count lower than the face count, some of the faces don’t get the particles.

Perhaps experiment with dynamic paint?
If you use object(s) as particles, those could be then made real and used as dynamic paint brush.
You can make particles real with ctrl+shift+a, disable or remove the original particle system (important), and join (ctrl+J) the particles to one object. (Easier when hiding the original mesh and other non-particle meshes and then selecting similar with shift+g).

It’s possible to displace geometry with dynamic paint, or bake that displacement out as an image. Although, it needs a dense mesh for that.

dupliverts seem to work ok too. (edit) also, it occurs to me that if you UV mapped it and baked the AO you could then use that as a bump map to make the dimples.

For the indentation of the strawberry, making use of the vertices bevel (new to Blender 2.66) could help, by example
In vertices selection mode , select all the structure

press CTRL + V (or click on Mesh -> Vertices) and select “Bevel” , move a bit the mouse to obtain

Now press ALT + E and select “Individual Faces” and move a bit the mouse to extrude toward the inside of the structure

Should be acceptable indentation i think.

An example for the little grains you could then press ALT + E again and select “Individual Faces”, move the extrusion a bit oustide this time

Playing with a subsurf can lead into interesting results